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A Hazard Of New Fortunes
An Open-eyed Conspiracy An Idyl of Saratoga
Annie Kilburn
April Hopes
Criticism And Fiction
Dr. Breen`s Practice
Familiar Spanish Travels
Fennel And Rue
Indian Summer
Literary Boston As I Knew It
Literary Friends and Acquaintances
Literary Friends and Acquaintances
London Films
My Literary Passions
My Mark Twain
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Ragged Lady
Roman Holidays And Others
Roundabout To Boston
The Albany Depot A Farce
The Elevator
The Kentons
The Landlord At Lion`s Head
The Leatherwood God
The Minister`s Charge The Apprenticeship Of Lemuel Barker
The Parlor-Car
The Register
The Rise of Silas Lapham


03/01/1837 Born in Martins Ferry, OH.

1856 age nineteen, Howells went to the Ohio capital to write political correspondence for a few country papers

1860 He became a joint author with his roommate, John J. Piatt, of a slender volume of poems

1862 while on vacation in Paris, he married Eleanor Mead of Brattleboro, Vermont, whom he had previously met in Columbus

1866 Venetian Life (travel book)

1867 Italian Journey (travel book)

1872 Their Wedding Journey

1879 The Lady of the Aroostook

1882 Modern Instance

1885 The Rise of Silas Lapham

1886 His unromantic love story, Indian Summer

1890 A Hazard of New Fortunes

1890 A Boy`s Town

1891 Criticism and Fiction

1892 The Quality of Mercy

1893 An Imperative Duty

1893 My Year in a Log Cabin

1894 A Traveler from Altruria

1896 Impressions and Experiences

1900 Literary Friends and Acquaintances

1907 Through the Eye of the Needle

1910 My Mark Twain

1916 Years of My Youth

05/11/1920 Died.




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